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Illinois: DIY Teardrop built in 2018

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  • FOR SALE: Illinois: DIY Teardrop built in 2018

    DIY 9’ long 5’ wide fire engine red aluminum sheeted teardrop trailer. Built in 2018 on a new aluminum trailer base. 15” tires and torsion springs for exceptional towing.
    Electrical brakes installed (Needs brake controller in tow vehicle).
    It is fully wired for 12V's and 110V's, with 100AmpHr deep cycle battery, solar charger and shore power connection. Controlled by a WFCO power station.
    Fantastic fan and an option to use an external AC for hot and humid days.
    Local pick-up only, we will provide a learning session with all the ins and outs on the Teardrop.
    Trailer is registered and title in hand as a working trailer und not as a recreational vehicle.
    Very sad, but we need to let it go, we moved to a larger trailer so we can work from the road.

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    You might want to include a price.
    🍺 Asheville George 🍻


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      I have seen this trailer, and it is very well designed and built. Whomever buys this is getting a good trailer.


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        Asheville George reminded us to put a sales price to the post, we are asking for about $7,900