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  • Tire pressure monitor

    Wanted to know if trailer tire was going flat before a catastrophe happened.Many different TPMS devices to choose from but went with the Tymate model M7-3.It comes with 4 tire sensors.Used 2 and doesn't effect monitor
    operation.Pretty simple to enter settings.Run 50 psi in tire and set hi limit 60 psi and low 40 psi.Also get a temp reading.Worked great on recent trip.Gives a audible alarm if psi limit occurs.Was on sale with amazon.Was leary if it would work comparing price with some others but would buy it again.Oh,the sensors thread on valve stem don't have to remove tire.

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    Interesting! I was actually thinking about this on the way to our Liberty Bell Chapter this past weekend - for my trailer and my tow vehicle. I recently "downgraded" from a Subaru Ascent which had TPMS, to a 2014 Toyota 4Runner that doesn't have TPMS. And to be honest, the TPMS is the only thing that I absolutely miss from the Ascent. Loving the 4Runner! Anyway, I was thinking about picking up a 6-way TPMS monitoring system that would cover both vehicle and camper. I'll have to see if Tymate has a 6-way system.

    Keep us posted on how its holding up.


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      It also has replaceable batteries in sensors when they expire.Uses standard flat coin battery and a wrench to open sensor to replace battery.I will probably use the other 2 sensors on other trailer.