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  • Clam Shelter/screen room

    We just purchased Cabela's version of the Clam. We did it to replace our Coleman Canopy which was destroyed in a storm. However, we are concerned that it will not adequately shade us in the hot sun. Now we have heard some people use "space blankets" tucked up under the ceiling of the Clam to shade from the sunshine. Just wanted to pass this idea along. We will certainly try it.

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    For reference, is this Shelter the one you have?

    It looks like that thin roof fabric would let a fair amount of solar energy through. A space blanket would be a decent radiation heat shield to block some of that heat. Just be sure to leave a gap between the roof and the blanket, and put the shiny side facing up.

    Or if you're handy with a sewing machine, you can sew up some of this reflective fabric used on car windshields.


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      Thanks for your input. Yes, that's the one we purchased from Cabela's.