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Forum versus Facebook .

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  • Forum versus Facebook .

    Been seeing a lot of tearjerker posts on Facebook . Not on the tearjerker site , but on the general site . Why are we ignoring our own forum when much of what is posted could be helpful and encouraging 🤔 to our new members ?

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    Unfortunately Facebook just gets 10000000x the traffic that the website does Any time I share something to the Liberty Bell TearJerkers group on Facebook I always point people back here. But people are just generally on Facebook a lot more (guilty myself).


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      I never use facebook for this forum. Nuf said

      Dennis (DOM)


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        Thank you DOM !


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          I check in here every day. I have a Facebook account (out of necessity for a community service page I run), but have zero personal interaction on my account. I check the TearJerkers Facebook Group maybe once every couple of weeks or so.
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            Originally posted by D.O.M. View Post
            I never use facebook for this forum. Nuf said

            Dennis (DOM)
            Never have, never will. Would just leave the group if my only communication option was Faceberg.


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              It’s just the way it is now. FB is so much easier and convenient to take quick glances. But forum has so much more information.


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                i check the forum every morning

                i check FB every morning

                IMHO the more information(factual) i can gather makes me better rounded individual

                FB does require one to weed out the crazies on a regular basis

                verifying information using several sources helps vaidate it

                when conflicting information pops up on my screen i research the sources and verify which information is factual and which isn't

                sources of bunk get blocked/unfollowed ...

                just this old man's MO



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                  I just set up a Facebook group for the Dixie Chapter. I did explain within the description that the main posts will still be on the TearJerker Forum. Facebook just gets so many views that I felt this was a way for more folks to find out about TearJerkers and the Dixie Chapter. It is also much easier way to post pictures of our Gatherings. So I feel they will work well together.