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  • What I would like to see .

    Tearjerkers are , by necessity , an inventive group . I'd like to see what you've done to increase storage space., add tables , etc .

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    Barb, for me the best accessory I have bought and it increases my covered area while camping has been my Clam Shelter. Our teardrops are where we sleep but if we don’t have comfortable living area outside for all weather, well it is just not as comfortable..


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      I'd love to answer, but Im still building..

      So I guess my answer right now would be building a squaredrop instead of a tear. The shape gives different options. Such as: Since the rear is vertical, instead of sloping, I plan to have a flip up counter that will allow storing long/tall items like folding table, chairs, awning, ect. while in transit. Pull it all out and set it up once arrived and the counter flips back down for galley mode.


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        We have a 4x8 Teardrop The pop up clam is what we use Sleep in the Drop Everything else is the clam We bought the side curtains for it also
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          I also have the Clam Traveler, with wind panels. It fits in the backseat floor, has plenty of room for me and dog and his stuff. With four wind panels, I can use a heater in it.

          I just got a cutting board that fits over the stove to give a bit more space to put dinner together. Haven't tried it yet. So, can't light stove until removing it, of course.

          I also got a table that is set up over the tire, so it can be level. I'm not sure I need it. The dog can reach anything on it. Haven't decided if I like it better than the folding bamboo table, but they are both useful.