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Dash Cam Suggestions?

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  • Dash Cam Suggestions?

    So I'm looking to get a dashcam (because people are crazy) and am looking at the Nextbase 422GW. It seems to be a mid-range budget, loaded camera, with expandable options. Anybody have experience with this brand?

    Nextbase 422GW - $190 on Amazon
    1440@30fps or 1080@60fps
    2.5" touch screen
    Quick-release base
    140° viewing angle
    Amazon Alexa built-in (would be interesting to play with my smart home stuff)
    Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS
    parking mode (shock sensor)
    free 30-day cloud storage
    PC/Mac software (MyNextbase Player) - looks like a pretty nice interface
    Polarizing filter available
    ability to add cameras (rear-facing,cabin, or rear-window)

    I've read good things about Blackvue, and it looks like the DR750S-1CH is comparable, but a little more expensive.
    Blackvue DR750-S-1CH - $250 on Amazon
    139° viewing angle
    WiFi, GPS
    Impact & motion detection built-in (crash detection, parking mode)
    various free/paid cloud plans
    not expandable, but a 2-CH version available for $360

    What are some other quality cameras in this general price range? Share their specs below if you have them available, and a link. Thanks!

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    I picked up a Garmin, Dash cam 56. Easy to use. Keep forgetting that it's on and discover 30 hours or so of the inside wall of my garage playing on it. Seems easy to download to computer. I got it to save a video of my trips when I finally get to go out west this year which may be canceled due to the Worldwide bug.