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How far do you travel for a typical weekend Gathering?

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  • How far do you travel for a typical weekend Gathering?

    This discussion came up on the old forum, so I thought it would be good to continue (start new) it here. As our directors plan their gatherings its helpful to understand how far everyone is willing to travel for their average weekend getaway. As you think about this, keep in mind this poll is just for a typical weekend, and does not include those larger, multi-chapter, biennial gatherings such as 'Crossroads of America' or 'Teardrop City'.

    After you cast your vote, if you wouldn't mind explaining your answer (not required) that would be helpful!
    Less than 2 hours
    Less than 3 hours
    Less than 4 hours
    Less than 5 hours
    I live for the open road and will go as far as I need!

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    I don’t mind driving 4 hrs for a weekend. Chapman State Park will probably be a 6 hr drive. But on the way back we’ll be spending a week at the cabin in Potter county. Dennis


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      Depending on who we are camping with, we will go as far as necessary. We traveled from NC to AZ a few years ago to camp with friends. Otherwise, 5-6 hours is plenty.
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        for camping, sailing, snow skiing, fishing, motorcycling, streetrod, ratrod, woodenboat and social events

        traveling to an event/any event is much easier now that i/we are retyred

        now i don't hesitate to drive a full day for a day n half event spending 3 nights away from home w/ 5 total days away from home

        last November i traveed 6+ hours for just a walk around(not a participant) @ the Lake Catherine event for justa "look see" and some picture taking

        when still in the "work a day world" 4-6 hours was tops unless the event coincided w/ a holiday period

        the above assumes ME driving and usually less than 350 miles each way while remembering i have to drive home on Sunday evening to be back at school on Monday mornings

        when another driver or other mode of transportation was involved the parameters were extended substantially like switch off driving all night to participate for 2 days and switch off drive all night to get home in time to beat the 1st bell on Monday morning

        i guess i'm just a play/open road junkie

        i could either sit on my butt or go do something

        i prefer to keep moving in some form or another



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          I have to agree with most of the replies (3 votes lol). 4 hours is just very doable, I can travel, get there, setup and relax and the turn around is about the same. The entire day isn't all driving. Although I think I would flex up in distances 1-2 hours for a unique location, reason. If I'm going for a longer weekend or actual vacation then I'm open to any drive time.
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            I prefer 2 hours, but unfortunately that would limit me to maybe 1 gathering a year, and that would be only 1 of ours in the Southern Appalachian Chapter. I fact, we have only had 1 or 2 gatherings within 2 hours of my city, Charlotte since I joined over 10 years ago.
            However on that note, I enjoy hanging out with my Tear Jerker family, so I will easily travel 8 hours to hang out with them. It hugely helps if the gathering is 3 days long.
            Many of our gatherings have folks from distant chapters. 👍


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              I prefer under two hours but that leaves very little choices so between two and three hours because I live outside of Toronto traffic becomes an issue so something that could take two hours to get to a campground going through Toronto you could add another hour stuck in traffic that's with no car accident so I tried to rotate everybody's drive time sometimes it's close sometimes it's not
              I have been stuck for 3 hours in toronto try to get to a 2hr away camp site (
              it would be nice if I could try and leave at 4 o'clock in the morning )


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                I have been lucky in New England, as the three gatherings were under 3 hours. I just need to take a half day vacation from work on Friday. I also like to set up in daylight.