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    Hello Friends, I am new here and not sure if this is the place to post a question.
    My new (to me) home built teardrop has a very heavy back hatch.
    Hard for me to lift and place the wooden braces.
    Are there gas or hydraulic struts that would lift and hold the hatch open?
    And, if so, how do I determine what size/ length/ power to buy, and where to buy them?
    I appreciate ant advice you can offer.

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    There is a calculator on TNTTT that helps determine size and strength. I used it to calculate the ones I got for my trailer. Below is also a link to the site I got the struts from

    Hope it helps


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      I've also used that method for calculating lengths on TnTTT, but sometimes the strength needed can be surprising. I always ordered my struts from McMaster-Carr.


      • GrunenAway
        GrunenAway commented
        Editing a comment
        I was surprised at the strength recommended @ 85lbs each but it is working. It might require a bit more force to close then expected but I would rather that then be too soft and not hold up particularly in the colder temperatures. I would say its okay to go a little below the recommended force but not much

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      I would recommend using linear actuators, they dont really cost more than cheap air lifts, and then its open and close at the push a of button