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Asset (camper)Tracking - AirTag, Tile, GPS, LTE, etc...

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  • Asset (camper)Tracking - AirTag, Tile, GPS, LTE, etc...

    I know AirTags and Tile operate via Bluetooth, so tracking is basically crowd-sourced and will only work when the device pings a person that uses those respective devices. It looks like an AirTag range is only about 33ft, but I haven't been able to find clear data on that. Some of the newer Tile devices have a range of 400ft. But since those are both crowd-sourced, that severely limits functionality and reliability in rural settings. So a GPS or LTE (mobile network) tracker would certainly be better, but they all seem to typically have a much higher monthly subscription for their services.

    What are your experiences with using some sort of tracking device as a safeguard for your camper? If you're using one of the GPS trackers, what was the device cost and what do you pay for the monthly service?