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  • Help save our land

    For many of us camping is a way of life. We are a very tight knit group. Willing to help each other anyway we can.
    For those of you that have camped in the Ocala National Forest or any of the campgrounds along the Marjorie Harris Carr Greenway ,Ross Prairie , Goethe State Forrest or the Halpata Tastanaki Preserve area or north . We need your help.
    The Florida
    Department of Transportation -FDOT wants to put in a toll road in in these gorgeous lands.
    Please write and tell them you don’t want these lands touched. We don’t have any time to waste in this matter.
    Thank you for your time and effort.
    Suncoast & Northern Turnpike Connector

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    Is there a link to a petition or anything like that?


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      All comments need to go through FDOT at this time. Letting them know you oppose the turnpike coming through our natural resources and camping lands. Letters and emails should be sent to William Burke at Florida Department of Transportation.
      Please let them know how valuable this land is to all of us.
      Thank you for your reply to the post.