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  • TearJerker Gatherings Cancelled Through April 30

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    Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it's with great consideration that the TearJerkers are cancelling all Gatherings through April 30. We will continue to monitor the situation and reserve the right to adjust this date as necessary.

    This decision has not been taken lightly by the Administration and is seen as a necessary step to protect not only our members, but the general public as well. There are an increasing number of reports of individuals testing positive for Covid-19, yet they have no immediate visible symptoms. Due to the nature of our club, traveling to a Gathering is part of the weekend ritual, and unfortunately traveling is what can contribute to the spread. At this time not all areas of North America have been affected in the same capacity, and we'd like it to stay that way.

    Some Gathering cancellations have already been forced by the closing of the campgrounds, and some have been voluntary cancellations by the TearJerkers. Many campgrounds have announced closures for the immediate future and some have even decided to close for the season.

    If you have reservation at a campground for a Gathering that has been cancelled, it's obviously your decision to keep that reservation or cancel it. If you decide to keep your individual reservation(s), you are doing so on your own, and acknowledge that the TearJerkers, its Administrators, and its Chapter Directors are no longer involved with organizing or promoting the previously scheduled events of the weekend.

    Directors reserve the right, and have the full support of the Administration, to cancel any Gatherings that are beyond this current window, at any time.

    Please, be safe and follow the CDC recommendations for social distancing and increased personal hygiene. For information on the prevention of Covid-19, please visit the CDC website:

    "In the end, we will never know if we overreacted, but it will be quite apparent if we didn't do enough."

    Thank you for your understanding.

    - Todd, Nancy, Coop, Zach
    Life moves a little slower on Teardrop Time...

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    Wise move. Gatherings can be rescheduled, lives can't.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Stay smart, stay home, stay healthy.

    ---Chris Knox (John's wife)


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      This is definitely the right thing for us to do as an organization. As much as it saddens me to know that gatherings will not take place, I'd much rather know that my camping family is not going to be at risk.

      Something for folks to consider ... You might want to hold off until closer to your previously scheduled gatherings if the campground hasn't closed yet. This may enable you to avoid cancellation fees if the park ends up getting shut down between now and then. If you cancel early you may get charged a fee depending on the campground. I would recommend that you check the cancellation policy for any campgrounds that you may be booked into so that you can make an appropriate decision and cancel if necessary within the no fee cancellation period.

      Above all... Stay healthy and stay safe everyone!!!
      All the best,
      GNW & New England Chapter Director


      • Zach
        Zach commented
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        Good point about holding of the cancellation. There's still plenty of time to do that. This sucks, T!

      • TheresaD
        TheresaD commented
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        It does suck Zach but being sick or dead would be worse. We will get through this and boy will our first campouts after the big shutdowns be awesome! <3

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      A very sad day, but a very wise decision. we will camp again!!!

      🍺 Asheville George 🍻


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        I agree it is truly sad however we’re far better off staying home and limiting our exposure to others until there is a vaccine found to combat the coronavirus.
        ill cross my fingers and hope to see the Dixie members in October.


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          With May just a few days away, many states still on a stay at home order, COVID 19 still hanging around, and Tearjerker camping events on the Horizon does the Administration for see canceling Tearjerker events for May?


          • WayneW
            WayneW commented
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            I see we are up and running with the SA Chapter having a gathering next week. Social Distancing will be in affect but will still be good to get out and camp.