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  • Forum Software Updated!

    On Friday afternoon I was able to get our forum updated to the latest and greatest! Please let me know if you come across anything that looks broken. We had a little server 'hiccup' but I believe everything is up and running. In addition to security updates, bug fixes, and some backend changes (behind the scenes), new features that you'll notice include:
    • Users can now drag and drop images directly into the Editor pane.
    • Copy and Paste Image Uploads
      • Users can now use Copy and Paste to upload images into their posts. Users should be warned that image sizes may not be what they expected on paste. They can control the image size by hovering over an image and using the drag tool in the lower right corner. Users can also double-click (double-tap on a touch device) an image to bring up the properties window to change the size. Note: Firefox does not allow pasting multiple images at one time. Firefox also does not support the copy and paste of WebP images.
    • Inline portrait/vertical videos should display with a proper aspect ratio. Firefox will show playback controls properly
    • The URL BBCode has been reworked to pull more information about the link. If you place the URL on its own line, it will behave similarly to the Link Content type after posting. Previews will include pulling a thumbnail and description from the linked site.
    • "Answered" function for topics.
      • Topics can now be marked as "Answered." This is a special status applied to a specific post within the topic. The post that is marked as the Answer will be highlighted and show directly under the starting post in the topic. We are giving all users the ability to mark topics as "answered" but reserve the right to withdraw this permission if it become abused.
    • The ability to manually re-order images uploaded in a photo gallery topic has been added to the system. This can be accomplished by drag and drop when editing the images during upload.
    • When uploading images to a Photo Gallery topic, users can now enter a title for each image as well as the image description. This will enhance the searchability of images within these topics.
    • User Namecards
      • a new name card is shown when clicking or tapping on a user's name in most locations throughout the system. The name card currently shows the user's name, avatar, a link to their profile, and a link to search for their posts.

    As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, let us know and we'll do our best to continue improving!

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    I did just discover that our image uploads are currently not working - we're now just waiting on our hosting service to update another piece of software related to the update on Friday.


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      Uploads should be working again.