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Viewing TearJerkers on a Mobile Device?

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  • Viewing TearJerkers on a Mobile Device?

    As we continue to get migrated over to this new forum, I'm wondering how many people regularly access the forum on a mobile device. Our old forum was very clunky when it came to mobile devices, which is why we implemented Tapatalk a few years ago. This new forum is much more dynamic, and in my experience it adapts to mobile devices quite well. Although, you still need to access it through your mobile device web browser. At this time there are no plans to implement Tapatalk here.

    Would it interest you if the TearJerkers forum eventually had our own stand-alone mobile app, which would be downloaded via Apple Itunes or Google Play Store? Discussion, private messages, calendars, and notifications could be easily accessed directly from an app icon on your phone's home screen (similar to Facebook).

    Please select the box(es) below that describe you, and reply with any questions/comments.
    I only view the forum on my computer.
    I use the forum about equally between my computer and mobile device.
    I only view the forum on my mobile device.
    A mobile app does not interest me.
    A mobile app would interest me.

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    Tapatalk was what I used to post pictures. Liked the notifications I received on my phone of threads I was following. Never used the phone to just look at the forum. The old forum was difficult for pictures while the new one is a million times better. I will be travelling this summer for about 5 weeks straight. Will be interesting to see how easy it is to stay in contact with the forum. Time will tell. The improvements I have seen are certainly making a difference.


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      I voted option 2, but it is really more like 80% desktop or laptop, and 20% phone or tablet. The web version works fine on mobile for me so far.
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        Zach, I think I would like to see an app. I do at times, very few, view the site on my cell phone.


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          I’m the same, about 80% Lappy or desktop and 20% phone. But an app would be good.


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            Tapatalk would be a significant deterrent for me. I will not use their app and it becomes very invasive (to the point of making unusable) on the mobile web view for any other forum I've seen it used on.
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            • Zach
              Zach commented
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              Keep in mind that even if a forum utilizes Tapatalk, it is not a requirement for members to download and use it. It's simply provided as an option . If you visit a forum and get a notification about using Taptalk, you can click cancel, and you will be able to view the forum as-is, without Tapatalk. It can be a great tool if you are on many forums, but often people find it more confusing than anything.

            • Paul
              Paul commented
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              More and more tapatalk installs I've seen on other forums make it extremely hard to use the forum without their app. They inject popups, ads between posts, overlays confirmations, require numerous third party cookies to close them but most come up on the next thread again anyway. I'm sure some of this is customization but form what I've seen form other forum admins it's a lot of work on their end and is increasingly more invasive as their revenue model digs deeper in everyone's pockets.