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  • New member , a big hello!!

    Hi everyone been watching a few you tube vids and came across the tearjerkers vids .
    First my name is Steve and im from Fingerlakes area of New York , and big fan of camping since i was a kid with my family . Any how i have my own version of a teardrop trailer i built myself two yrs ago .
    Made from a CESSNA CENTURION AIRCRAFT, YES A PLANE ! The wife ( Shelby) and i were looking for a travel trailer, no luck , and then just a trailer ... i found a new never used trailer on CL the owner told me it had something on it that MUST GO, So off i go to check it out, arriving the owner pulled back a barn door revealing a Cessna fusalage on a Harbor fright frame .. no nose, no tail, no wings .. and CHEAP .. the gears turning in my head on the long drive home.. within a few weeks we had a functional camper . Mahogony interior trimmed in cedar, carpeted , insulated, 110v with tv/dvd, bike rack, storage under and forward in the nose , and air conditioning. .. its an unique build with now 6000 miles and over a dozen states and campgrounds ..,last trip from NY to WY and back . Weighing in at around 900 lbs tows like a dream, very aerodynamic. Equipped with high speed tires , and outside outlets, awning and table .. no galley ( yet) ... looking forward to meeting others and we hope to make a couple meets this summer ..questions/comment? Email me!

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    That is so freaking awesome!! We need some interior pictures!
    2016 NuCamp T@G Max Teardrop
    Co-Director Chesapeake Bay Chapter


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      Ok you asked for pics inside.. here are a few. Looking forward what was the cockpit for pilot/ copilot you will see the steering yolks still intact. And betweena flat screen tv dvd player . Inthe dash a compartment for the dvds and maps. Above are vintage space age curtians on brass rods made from brazing rods twisted , the interior is mahogony and trimmed in cedar. The copilots side has two 110 outlets, and two switches, one does ceiling fan drawing air from winglet underside through roof into cabin. Second switch turns on a reporposed antique powdered hand soap dispenser i made into a lamp. Gutted and flipped with a 15 w lite installed.
      the copilots side also has a flip up table top made from a cedar chest, there is also a door that flipps up and locks . Going back, you can see the lamp , rear side window and rear outlet to air conditioner.
      The rear section has a shelf with a hidden vent ( offset panel) going directly outside, and above this shelf, a window shelf, . Pilots rear side has hooks for hanging backpacks. This cabin is insulated, and we use reflextex cutout for all windows which are removable., we use them mainly for privacy as we get many peepers... finally the bed is 2 inch gel foam with a moving blanket on top to firm it up. And another 4 inch gel foam on that with sheets/ blanket. We have a vintage 110v heater and cooler , about 6000 miles so far. High speed tires, and weighs in at 970 to 1000lbs loaded. 140 tongue wt.
      the nose holds camping gear, a table that attaches to side of airframe, custom step . The bottom nose has tools. Jacks and wheel blocks. Spare is mounted rear underneath. Tow corrugated 6 in poly pipes capped hold the awning, rugs, and folding chairs, the white 4 in holds our American flag and post, and a small mat.
      Questions. Ask me directly by email. Scg13803 on yahoo.