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    I am a new member but can’t figure out where to write a new member introduction. Please help me.

    Thanks, Dan Engel

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    Ok, so maybe I stumbled across where to write the new member introduction.

    I am a long time Airstream owner and I love my .Airstream but have always wanted to have a teardrop for when I go off by myself. You see I love to travel and my wife doesn’t like to travel as much as I do so sometimes I travel by myself. From my motorcycling days I have always tent camped, so now I car camp and sleep in a tent. I couldn’t justify spending 10k or more for a nice teardrop but when I found out that an Airstream restoration shop was auctioning one off, I had to go after it. First the negative part. This is a one person teardrop, built on a 4x8 frame. The inside width is only 43”. This is fine since it is just me. Now there are lots of positives. The quality is similar to Airstream. The frame was custom made. The wood framing is heart pine wood with solid foam insulation. The aluminum exterior is probably thicker than most Airstreams. The builder was an incredible craftsman and I am thrilled to be the owner of this creation. It needs to be outfitted which is perfect for me. It has interior wood covering the walls and ceiling but is just a shell. I will get to finish off the interior and it needs a rear bumper, lights and license plate holder. It will be fully electric with at least one 100 Ah lithium battery, a 500 watt inverter, 200 watts of flexible solar panels and a micro A/C unit- 11 lbs, 1,500 btu/hr and operates on 100 watts of 12v power.

    it has a Dexter axle with brakes and I plan to tow it with my Golf. I will carry a compressor fridge in the back of my Golf. I will probably also carry my bike and a kayak on the Golf.



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      I think you found the right spot. Welcome to Tearjerkers and don't forget to subscribe to you local chapter (or ones you want to visit) to stay up to date.