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  • Bumper Installed on my T@B 320 CS

    Details - Bumper Installed on my T@B 320 CS

    I have just completed attaching a bumper to my 2019 T@B 320 CS. Although largely cosmetic, it is robust enough to provide a bit of protection in parking lots and at the campsite.

    It was constructed from leftover material, some 4” angle iron and a small length of steel chain-link fence railing. Although my design, a local welder made the two steel brackets from the angle iron and drilled the holes for the steel tubes and bolts, positioned so as not to obscure the tail lights. The tubes were cut to 28” and 48” in length. The cut ends of the tubes were closed off with 1” conduit panel knockout covers. The covers were attached using a marine grade adhesive. The brackets were prepped, primed, painted (metallic nickel) and top coated with an exterior clear coat. A strip of rubber roofing membrane separates the brackets from direct contact with the aluminum sheet on the T@B. Four stainless steel bolts (2.5”) were used to attach each bracket on the face and below. I planned on using screws but switched to bolts. The upper two bolts, per bracket, were backed with fender washers as the wood veneer inside the galley is quite thin. The lower bolts coming up through the floor were attached first and again washers were used. The brackets were attached before the tubes were slid into place; the tubes being secured with small set screws to prevent shifting. Caulking was applied to the top and sides of each bracket.

    I might replace the lower bar with a 60” length but right now I like the overall proportions.

    Total cost, not including paint, approximately $160.

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    Great idea! Even a little protection is better than nothing.