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  • More repair than build question, clogged AC drain line, how to clear.

    We have a 2016 Riverside 509 with the AC unit built into the cabinets. The weekend we noticed moisture coming into the camper from the AC drain line. How do I clear the line? After I find it of course.

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    Did you try blowing air down the drain line?


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      Yup, I would try compressed air to blow out a clog. You'll probably have to pull the AC unit to do it, but I can't say for sure.


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        I pulled the AC unit and found it has no drain line. There is just a pan under the AC to catch the condensation. If the camper is not level the pan can overflow. If we keep the camper we've decided to pull the AC for the extra storage space. Saturday we go to Louisville to look at a Luna Rover. If we bring the Rover home our Retro is going to California and someone else will decide about the AC..


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          No drain line?? That's piss-poor engineering!

          When we installed an AC unit in the cabinets of our last Scotty, I drilled a hole in the bottom of the AC unit body (where the condensate collects) and installed a nylon barb fitting with some rubber hose down through the floor.

          Oooh a Luna Rover! Those are really nice. One of the Liberty Bell Chapter members has one and he loves it. Good luck! And lets see pictures when you get it