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Battery size?

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  • Teddy
    Mine is only 75 amp hours. So at 50% which is the rule for Led batteries I only have about 35 amp hours. Only had my teardrop a week but have used it many times. My fan on each of the four speeds draws 1 amp or 2 amps or 3 amps or 4 amps. Lights are probably less than an amp. I should be able to run the fan on medium for 17 hours which is 2 nights. On my YouTube travels I see people with hundred amp hour batteries and they are agm. I'm going to see how my works out for now but it is just a cheap Marine deep cycle battery that came with it. I'm already doing other upgrades and the battery is probably last if it becomes an issue.

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  • RatAssassin
    started a topic Battery size?

    Battery size?

    In general, with no systems to run but LED lights, what size (specifications) battery is everyone using in their teardrops?

    Also, how long are they lasting for you out on trips?