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  • Storage containers for our camper fridge?

    In just over 5.5 weeks we're going to be heading out on a week and a half long camping trip and we're trying to sort out loading up our fridge.

    We've got a Norcold N3000 series 3-way fridge (propane / shore / battery) in our nuCamp T@B 400 Boondock, and it'll be on shore power at the campground (state park,) what we're hoping to do is minimize runs to the local grocery store (summer prices at a grocery store in a big vacation / tourist town? AUGH my wallet! LOL) so we're trying to find ways to maximize the fridge space.

    We're going to do the obvious, drinks that don't need to be kept COLD (soda, water) will go in a cooler, stuff that needs to be kept cold will go in the fridge.

    Does anyone have suggestions on nice tupperware-like storage containers we could use to put "stuff" in? Things like meat especially? Or did we answer our own question and just go get some tupperware?​

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    vacuum seal pre portioned meats, meals or other items. It definitely takes up less room than containers and you want have leakes or odors. Preplanned meals labeled on the package will help.