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    How can you get the residue from old decals off white fiberglass?

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    Is it residue or "ghosting"?

    Residue should be fairly easy to remove. Goo Gone, bug and tar remover etc. Always do a test spot someplace not so noticeable in case it creates issues with finish etc.

    "Ghosting" is an entirely different animal. The decal would block certain amounts of UV exposure. Areas without the decals will fade at a different rate. When the decals are removed, that difference can be pretty notable and leaves a "ghost" image of the decal shape. Sometimes a good buffing will clear it up, sometimes a full wet sand will be necessary, sometimes the only option is a repaint.

    Good luck.

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      Thank you . I`m thinking the bug and tar remover will work better , because the residue is heavy .. I do have some ghosting as I remove the black and yellow striping from my little guy . I live in Ohio and am a C.eveland Browns fan .


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        I've had good success with WD-40.Let it sit and soak for awhile and use plastic scraper.