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    Many of us camp with our dogs, anyone who has camped with me knows mine isn't too far away. There were a couple things that happened this weekend I felt I wanted to bring up.

    First is the more serious (or potentially serious) of the two. There was a camper I wanted to look at, a particular model I've not seen in person.

    I approached, still in the road, mentioned I'd like to see it. The dog at the site was pretty vocal and seemed possibly a reason for concern. I said, hey, if it's a problem for the dog, no big deal I understand. I was told, he was okay if I didn't approach or reach out to him, just ignore and let him come to me.

    So, I slowly walked towards the camper, speaking to the owner and ignoring the dog. The dog approached me and once within maybe three feet, lunged, snarled and attempted to bite me. He didn't succeed, I caught the motion out of the corner of my eye and pulled back as quickly as I could.

    Close call doesn't quite cover it (see pic of damage to my shorts). The owner apologized, I looked quickly at the camper and started to leave. The owner asked if the dog got me, when I said no and showed him my shorts, he apologized again and offered to pay for the shorts. I of course said that wasn't nesecary and headed back to change my shorts.

    I felt bad for the guy, for the dog but it was concerning. The folks who ended up next to him had a toddler. There could have been a really big problem there. I was lucky, just a tad late in my reaction, a tad farther to one side I could have been seriously hurt. I probably should have just walked away based on the behavior I observed, I own that completely. That's also part of why I wanted to bring it up.

    Not trying to embarrass, or make a spectacle. I just believe some dogs are not dogs to bring camping.

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    I'm very cautious with Snickers, maybe more than I should. I sit on the outer edge during group times. Leave him in the trailer when I feel it's best for him and the group. He can be rambunctious when he wants to play, I appreciate and respect that concerns some owners and their pets, so I work hard to keep him under control. Sure he's gotten away from me before. This weekend he figured out he can get out of the magnetic screen so I'll be working on a way to solve that.

    We all love our dogs, I certainly do my Snickers. We (and yes, I'm including myself) have to remember they are animals, they can be unpredictable and not everyone likes dogs. Let's all be good doggie parents and ambassadors, keep them and others safe and happy.

    Second thing. Food.

    Snickers as severely overweight when the rescue got him. Both the rescue and myself have spent a lot of time and money getting it under control. I do not, under any circumstances, give him table scraps and I'm very careful about the number of treats I give him.

    ‚ÄčThere were folks giving out treats this weekend, I love that. Both were even careful to ask if it was okay to give treats. (I saw them ask others repeatedly and asked me about Snickers).

    Friday evening, end of the meet and greet, someone walked up and tried to give Snickers a couple pieces of summer sausage. I saw was happening, pulled Snickers away, told him no and explained to the individual I didn't allow him to have people food. I got an astonished look and told but he wants some, almost became an argument.

    Lots of people give table scraps, I have no problem with what others feed their pups, that's their choice. I think most people food is really bad for dogs and have lost more than one family pet due to that. I don't feed Snickers people food, I realize some may not agree with that. However, he is my dog, my responsibility and that's my decision to make. Doesn't seem to me it should be an issue.

    I LOVE dogs. I love camping, I'm bringing this up just as a reminder, food for thought. Hoping to bring on a good discussion about being good doggie parents and good camping ambassadors. image widget
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    dogs eat dog food ... people eat people food

    only one person in my dog's 7+ years has been allowed to share a treat with her and he was present when i initially got her as a 5week old puppy

    when in camp my dog remains on a string(heavy)

    while strolling in campgrounds my dog remains on the previously mentioned string

    i carry a plastique bag in my pocket while strolling w/ my dog to remove solid waste evidence of her presence

    she has been conditioned this way since she was 5 weeks old

    she has a fuel allowance for times when we may be eating in a restaurant or visiting friends and she stays in the truck w/ climate control features in use and water readily available

    sadly some do not take stewardship of pets as others

    raising a pet is hard work

    the rewards far outweigh the cost

    Brian S, i strongly agree with you