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TearJerkers' Photo Challenge Game

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  • TearJerkers' Photo Challenge Game

    Lets have a little fun and see some of your teardrop and tiny travel trailer pictures! The rules are simple. We'll start by announcing a challenge, and then someone has to post a single picture of their teardrop (or tiny travel trailer) completing that challenge, along with a short description of when & where the photo was taken. Whoever is the first person to share a photo that answers the challenge gets to propose the next challenge, and so on. You cannot answer your own challenge. Lets get this started!

    Challenge: Share a picture of your little camper in the snow.

    (Remember, the first person to answer this challenge has to propose the next challenge)
    Life moves a little slower on Teardrop Time...

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    Camper at home in the back yard in the snow......

    Next a picture of your camper at the beach


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      ​ Camping at Assateague Island in 2010 with my first teardrop

      Sold it back in 2012. Last I heard it was down in Alabama somewhere.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	76476_551896518512_2924222_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	63.9 KB ID:	3458

      Next challenge..... Who's got a picture of their camper in the desert?


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        Bad Lands, South Dakota, 2012


        • Zach Engle
          Zach Engle commented
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          picture is broken, George

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        Next challenge: camping in winter, lots of snow.


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          Wayne, your entry doesn't count. I want set up and Camping in winter


          • Wayne in Maryland
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            Oh I see how it is, lol....maybe the next entry will have a ton of snow. I know there are some out there....Who has snowy camping pictures?

          • Zach Engle
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            It was a camper with snow, looked good to me!

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          Since nobody else is playing along , this was a trip back in January 2015

          Click image for larger version

Name:	10887582_990937556752_3361731083923035547_o.jpg
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Size:	755.1 KB
ID:	3918

          NEXT!! Lets see a teardrop parked next to one of those giant oversized behemoth RV's!


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            There was a 5th wheel in the site next to us at Pine Grove Furnace State Park. Dennis


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              I thought someone might have a better photo, but I guess not. How about a picture of cooking breakfast outside.


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                Several will recognize this photo!! Five years ago several of us Chesapeake Bay and Liberty Bell chapter members camped in Wayne in Maryland's backyard. A neighbor with a tractor had to pull all the campers to solid ground leaving Wayne's backyard a muddy mess. We had lots of fun and laughs that weekend.


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                Buck season in Pa a few years ago and camping in Ohio at -18F. Click image for larger version

Name:	140211_0005.jpg
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ID:	4071 Click image for larger version

Name:	131203_0007.jpg
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ID:	4070


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                  Ont Canada TJ at Pinery P.P. 2016 & 2017 the next day after we arrived there was a snowstorm the next day they closed the Park down to anybody new coming in Outside it was -27 windchill every year the Park staff came and had coffee with us in our wood-burning heated Viking tent we did this for three winters in February TJ from Michigan also attended this gathering snowshoeing at the Park that year was awesome we had a temperature in side the Viking tent
                  (to see bigger photo click on it) frustrating it only let me do one photo one size at a time sorry can't figure it out ?


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                    inside viking tent temperature (frustrating NOW it won't let me do any more photos other than two ???


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