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  • How are you passing the time?

    I'm fortunate enough to still be working (now from home), and Jenn started teaching her 1st graders online this week, but aside from that we have been watching a lot of Netflix! Just finished watching "Glitch", which was pretty interesting. Without giving too much away, the story line follows some scientists bringing people back from the dead. And then watched the first season of Black Summer - if you like zombie movies, its ok. Very fast-paced in an newly deteriorating world - only 8 short episodes with that so far. And now we're on season 2 of Ozark.... really like Jason Bateman! I was hoping Peaky Blinders would be back on soon, but production on the new season has stopped because of Covid-19.

    I keep seeing people talking about some tiger show - it sounds really really weird.

    I also built a kitchen island (still a couple things to finish it) and have started painting our fence. Exciting times!

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    Working as well. I work at UPS Supply Chain Solutions, warehousing, I'm in a medical warehouse. My area is returns of pace maker monitors. Torn between glad to be working and concern about exposure.

    Following my usual TV programs and trying to focus on lighter programming and comedies.

    If you have Netflix and haven't already, check out The Ranch. HILARIOUS. Sam Elliot, Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson.

    I'm a sci fi guy so I may try and watch some old school TV series I watched as a kid, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Lost in Space. I may even go on a Star Wars binge, start at Episode One and watch them all.

    Stay healthy everyone, camping will resume in time.

    "It's not the years in your life but the life in your years"