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Avoid Accidents Because of Trailer Sway

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  • Avoid Accidents Because of Trailer Sway

    There have been a couple of times while towing that I've thought, "I wouldn't want to be hit with a vicious side wind right now." Read about how that side wind did hammer a small trailer owner--and how to avoid or at least deal with trailer sway.
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    Just been on the site & read the article.

    Had a similar experience with a poorly loaded camper trailer [CT] - bike rack with bikes on the back but not all boxes loaded in the CT forward of the axle. Going down hill the CT pushed the speed up to 105 kph & the CT began to sway going around the slight bend. Held the steering wheel VERY firmly with my elbow braced against the door. We [No 1 grandson was with me] went through about 4 sway cycles where we went from our lane into the oncoming lane & back to the extreme outside of the road. I did not have access to CT brakes so let the combination slow without braking until the oscillations reduced & I was able to slowly accelerate & straighten the rig out.

    As you might say 'An interesting experience'



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      I hope to avoid such experiences, but if one does ever happen, I want to know what to do, as you did. I don't have trailer brakes on my camper since it's low weight (1,450 pounds, empty), so I'd have to do what you did, foot off the accelerator and hold on. I have noticed (and decided) that if my bicycle goes on the rack on the back of the camper, then I put the ice box inside the camper to the front and don't pack it in the SUV. That keeps the balance right. Thanks for the response, and safe travels!