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people's campground behavior during reopening

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  • people's campground behavior during reopening

    I'm curious, for those who camped over Memorial Day weekend; what were your observations of people respecting Covid safety measures?
    Did they keep 6 feet apart and wear masks properly around restrooms/bath houses and crowds?

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    We didn't camp over Memorial Day weekend, but I'd be interested in hearing from those who did also.


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      I camped with family from 3 different areas in the state on a county lot. We social distanced. No problems. When I had to go into my sisters new to her Casita to help her get used to using the unit, I wore a mask. When we got closer than 6 feet we wore masks. Did share a pot luck, but only one person was digging into the pot at any one time with all others keeping their distance. First time seeing family members for three months face to face even if at times we all looked like we were getting ready to rob a bank. Masks are going to be a necessary evil for a while. But let the camping begin.


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        We camped with our kids and Grandkids at Stone Mountain State Park NC over the Holiday weekend. Group camping was closed but a large group rented 4 campsites and had over 25 in the group. No mask sitting in the road, playing games in the road, would block you if you needed to walk to the bath house. Camp ground was 3/4 full a lot of sites were reserved but the campers never showed up. Bath house was packed at times with people waiting in line to shower. It seemed that if you had a large RV with a bathroom in it that you would try and use it during this time. I watch as these folks would come out of their mega 5th wheel campers and use the bath house. Now I will say the attendants were checking and cleaning the best they could but I feel they should limit the number of campers and encourage folks to use the bathroom in their campers. We took precautions and the grandkids were able to use a portable potty and had a private tub to wash off in (they are still all under 6) so they never went in the bath house. Adults learned to shower very early in the morning when the Super RVer's were still in bed. Overall we had a good time just crowded. Gonna stay away from camping until things calm down a little. Hate it but better safe than sorry.


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          We were camping this weekend at Martinak State Park, Maryland. The entire campground posted as fully booked, but during the course of the weekend, we found a few sites empty. Not sure if they were trying to socially-distance the tent campers, or whether people booked and then no-showed. Masks were required to use the bathhouses. We made-do with an easy-up outhouse and bucket and a sponge bath in lieu of using the bath houses. As we were previously backpackers, this does not bother us at all! There were a few small groups but they seemed like they were probably families and they all behaved themselves. I believe, though, since camping is a possibility right now and hotels/motels are not, that there are going to be a lot more yahoos out there camping and rebel-rousing. It was still VERY nice to get outside and away from the house!!! What we also found out was, these parks and personnel were only notified a very short time ago that they WOULD be opening up, so staff is skeletal with summer staffing not completed and things like available firewood and offices/camp stores were not open due to limited staffing. So, get out and have some fun! Just be prepared!!!