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Silly question about decal maps

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  • Silly question about decal maps

    I have a silly question for any who have the map decals on their camper. Do you put the state sticker on the map only if you have actually camped in that state, or if you have traveled through/visited?

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    For my old Winnebago and for my Little Guy trailer, I have always added states traveled through. For example, we towed the trailer through Alabama and Mississippi, but didn't camp in either.


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      I thought that made sense, especially since we often stop to ride bike trails or visit landmarks. It’s unusual for us to just travel through a state without doing something. But I have had a number of people tell me that the cardinal rule is you have to camp in a state to add the sticker. Not that I’m much for obeying arbitrary rules 🙄


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        For us, you have to camp in the state to get the sticker... our map, our rules...