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Why do campgrounds always close down just when the leaves start getting nice?

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  • Why do campgrounds always close down just when the leaves start getting nice?

    It has always puzzled me why campgrounds always close down just when camping is getting fun. I prefer to see leaves in fall colors and sit by a fire when you can actually sit by it instead of watching it from thirty feet away in the blazing heat of summer. A Teardrop and a small camper was born for cold weather camping. This business of shutting down around labor day has always bugged me. Now that I have a dog who likes to hunt and camp, very few campgrounds are open. Virtually all of the campgrounds near where i like to hunt with the dog are shut down by the time pheasant season comes in. But besides that, camping in October, November, and December are great opportunities to have your pick of favorite sites in your favorite campgrounds. With as full as the campgrounds have been this year, you'd think the feds and the state park people would want to extend their window to make some money off of their investment in improving the campground facilities.


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    Art, Liberty Bell Chapter (and a few others) are camping into November! Quite a few state parks have at least one loop open into December, and a few are even open year-round. I do not know of any private campgrounds that stay open.

    This past weekend we were at Promised Land State Park, and it felt like we were camping in December. Brrrr!


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      the school teachers who are hosts have to go back to their real jobs

      over the years i've known many teachers who do summer hosting gigs

      keeps them off the street corners and outa the beer joints n pool halls ;-)



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        Heading to Chapman Dam State Park tomorrow for five nights. Last several years it's been only myself and another fellow in a Burro. Sort of like a molded fiberglass rally except very little socialization goes on with it being hunting season. This will be my second year in the Casita which I'll use winterized with a porta potty in the bathroom so I don't have to put any water in my grey water or black water tanks. If there's a lot of people in the campground and a lot of people using the restrooms, I may rethink that strategy and just rewinterize all over again after the trip. Covid in my region is on the rise and I really don't want the bug. Winter camping in a small camper is a lot of fun.