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A Christmas warning

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  • A Christmas warning

    A warning to all Tear Jerkers. You may want to think twice before telling your loved ones about your interest in tear-drop campers. One December morning, you may wake to discover your credenza has morphed into a state park.

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    You've been warned.

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    That's really funny!
    I often feel that way about my own initial "notes to self" some years ago, when I was first starting to buy accessories to go with the teardrop. I was still in the building process & had finally chosen an exterior color ("Santa Fe Teal", a bright turquoise-teal with a decidedly mid-1950's vibe). I thought to myself, "hmmm, if I happen to find any items that match that exact paint color, I need to remember to buy them". (Camping gear, decorative items, sporting goods, home accessories etc are like the fashion industry insofar as the manufacturers & retailers push "new colors" every year, as a marketing gimmick. Teal/turquoise was NOT a big thing the year I built my teardrop, so it was rare to find anything that "matched"). Then that color "hit the market". Big time. Many years & 100 teal dinner plates, cups, spoons, bedspreads, curtains, pillow cases, lanterns, flashlights, sheets, coolers, storage bins later... .
    [It would be funnier if I included a pic. I'll try to post one eventually]. It's sort of a Be Careful What You Wish For situation. 😉


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