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    I mad a simple, temporary, modification on my Weber Little Smokey Joe BBQ grill to allow me to beer can a chicken using a small grill. Works like a charm!

    First of all, to make a Beer Can Chicken: 1 whole chicken rubbed with your favorite rub. I like McCormick's Caribbean Jerk. A 12 oz beverage can half filled with water (or you can waste 6 oz of perfectly good beer).
    Arrange charcoal around the outer edge of the grill and light for indirect heat. Insert can into the large cavity of the chicken and stand the chicken in the center of the grill (once the charcoal is hot), sitting on top of the can. They do make special can holder to make the chicken less likely to fall over. You will then place the lid over the chicken until crispy and tender (for an hour or so).

    NOW - this works great if you have the big Weber or Green Egg charcoal grill. BUT with the little Smokey Joe I take 3 old vice-grip pliers and clamp them on the outer edge of the bottom half of the grill (spaced evenly) and place the lid on the tops of the pliers and wrap an appropriate length of large HD aluminum foil around the side of the grill. Works like a charm!!! and is a space saver!

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