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  • "Lake potatoes"

    Simple, easy and so good.

    Thinly slice potatoes, dice some onions, cut up a couple slices of bacon, layout foil and spread a bit of butter. Lay down potatoes, sprinkle diced onions, salt and pepper to taste, top with bacon pieces. Wrap up and cook. Cook times can vary, I go by feel, once potatoes feel soft, should be good.

    One thing I've discovered is several stores (Meijer and Walmart near me) carry steam in the bag yellow and red skin potatoes. I use them, cook at home and do the packs ahead of time, put in Ziploc bags. Cook much quicker at the camp site.

    "It's not the years in your life but the life in your years"

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    Mmmmm.... I love au gratin potatoes, and this sounds kinda of like those. And with bacon?! GIVE ME!!! 🤤