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"Why aren't there any Gatherings near me?"

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  • "Why aren't there any Gatherings near me?"

    This is a question we see quite a bit, whether its here on the forum, or on Facebook.

    The simple answer is... You haven't planned one yet!

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    The TearJerkers is a club run by volunteers, which means we need volunteers to make the club run. If there aren't any Gatherings in your region, we invite you share your camping plans here on the forums and see what develops. Every single one of our Chapters started out with someone saying they were going camping on any given weekend, and people just showed up. That's actually how the entire club started back in 1997.

    The entire goal of the TearJerkers forum is to give people who are interested in camping a place to come and organize.

    All we ask of our Chapter Directors is that they organize at least two Gatherings each year, and make themselves available at those gatherings and on this forum to answer questions. The Directors have access to their own forum where they can bounce ideas around, and ask questions to those who have a bit more experience. You have to keep in mind that not a single Chapter grew from nothing overnight. It takes time for new members to discover the club, and it takes time for a chapters to grow, but they all started with one person.

    We have recently started allowing Chapter Directors to create a Facebook Group for their Chapter, if they chose, but we do require that most gathering discussion stays here on the forum. We have hosted our own forum since long before Facebook, and we have many members who want nothing to do with Facebook. With that in mind, this forum should always be the main source of information.

    So... whether you're making some last-minute weekend plans and might be interested in a little company, or you're interested in becoming a Chapter Director and helping organize some regular gatherings, we'd love to hear from you! Reach out to an Administrator ( Zach , Nancy from CT ,or rich cooper) for more information. If you're in a new region starting from scratch, we'll work with you to develop a chapter name and logo.

    We look forward to having you join us!

    Click here to see Chapters that are in need of volunteer(s)
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