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  • What happened to the little green light and the chat balloon?

    Am I missing something??? I could have sworn there used to be a little green light or button that indicated if another TJ was "on-line" and a gray light or button on their profile if they were "off-line." And I recall there being a little chat balloon on the profile that made it real easy to send a private message to someone. Am I losing my mind and forgotten where to look for these things or have the great and powerful TJ wizards been meddling in the affairs of mere mortals?

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    I just checked our page and my green dot is there along with the chat balloon. What're you drinkin'/smokin'...share...?



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      Thanks DJ. Isn't it supposed to be at the lower left corner of the box on the left that has your picture and identification info? Like right under the blue fb bar? It hasn't been there for days! Maybe it's the browser I've been using - Firefox


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        OK - I did a little test and discovered that, although it WAS there before when using Firefox, it no longer shows on that particular browser. When trying Chrome, the little green dot is back!


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          Click image for larger version

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          Firefox is the only browser I use, and I have no problems. You may need to update your browser to the latest version. Are you using any ad-blockers? I don't think that should have an effect, but I'm just trying to think what could cause an issue.


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            Thanks oh Fearless Leader! I'll try to update Firefox and see if that works. I was having some trouble with and their IT guru had me log in with Chrome instead of Firefox. Their fix then worked. Thanks again, and by now there may not be any sites at PSP.


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              Even though I cant recreate the issue at the moment, thank you for mentioning it! You might try clearing your browser cache.


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                Thanks Zack. I tried the old log out/log back in and it fixed it on Firefox.