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  • Known Forum Issues

    This is a new forum for all of us, I want to keep track of things that need to be sorted out. Please message me with issues, or share them below.
    1. (SOLVED) Photos taken on in portrait (vertical) orientation will become rotated when uploaded.
      • Solution: Currently researching
      • Suggestion for now: Only upload photos taken in landscape (horizontal) orientation. If you must upload a mobile photo taken in the portrait orientation: open it in a photo editor, save as a new image, and then upload - this has seemed to work for me.
    2. (SOLVED) The Gathering Map will occasionally reach its Google API query limit for the FREE tier, which will prevent Gatherings from appearing on it.
      • Solution: As the club grows and we are reaching our query limits earlier, we may need to explore other options.
      • Suggestion for now: We set the limits and see how it goes
    3. There is currently no way for Directors to send a group message to their Chapter Members.
      • Solution: Software modifications required. Request has been placed with development team.
    4. (PENDING) There is no way to view the entire list of Chapter Members. Currently only the first 12 members are shown.
      • Solution: Software modifications required. This is in the development queue.
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