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Hello from East Tennessee!

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  • Hello from East Tennessee!

    Hey everyone! I just made it over to the new site. I'm loving the new format!

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    Welcome over here Michael. I will be in Tn next week, at Fall Creek Falls State Park, Wednesday through Monday. Hoping that with all of the rain that the Falls are doing their thing.


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      Thank you!!! They’ll be flowing great! If you have extra time, make a day trip over to the Rock Island State Park. Fall Creek Falls and Rock Island are two of the most epic falls in the state. Enjoy your visit!


      • Jeff F
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        Michael, I wanted to stay at Rock Island but they were sold out. Good idea about making a day trip over there. Thanks

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      Hello and welcome, Things are off to a bumpy start this year but they will get better soon and we will be back to camping soon, I agree with you about Fall Creek and Rock Island, Hello Jeff. Hope you enjoy the Falls.
      It doesn't matter where you go in life, it's who you have beside you


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        Good to hear from you guys! I hope you’re doing well, yep, this will pass and we’ll be setting around the campfire before you know it.


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          Michael, welcome! Finally found us! Hope all is well down your way!


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            Hey Zach! Yep, better late than never. I’ve been tied up with changes at work, but things are settling back down now. Hey, the new site is looking good! It has a nice flow. Now that it’s been up for a bit, it might be a good time to do a Tearjerkers episode.