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    I retired (Captain) in 2000 after 28 yrs. in law enforcement, then went back in as a Chief from 2006-2010 in another state. When I retired in 2000 I had a couple of unusual hobbies that I now do and have fun doing. I am a Master hypnotist and operate the only sports hypnosis business in the US, along with a clinical hypnosis business. The cool part is that I am also a comedy hypnotist and ventriloquist that has worked the comedy scene wherever I want to go, the act...DR SLEEP! Being the owner of a teardrop, I am able to take it anywhere. The best part is I have been sending out postcards to RV sites for entertainment gigs for payment and a free stay, entertaining kids and adults (which is more fun). Had a kids show in the NY (cable) area back in the 70's called "Captain Jack and Archie". The other is I do hypnosis for abductees.... yes, aliens are out there and do these investigations for MUFON (Mutual UFO network), the stories are very interesting and come from people of reputation and as old as 80. Well, hope to make some new friends here....thanks

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    Welcome to the madness, jump in with both feet and enjoy