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  • Indybeers build

    After several design changes I think I finally have a plan in place. Since I have to build a trailer I will start with that. I have been researching axles, springs, couplers and square tubing. Once I get back from Truckstock 2021 I will get started on it. Want to have the trailer portion done before winter sets in.

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    Have fun!
    I built a teardrop and decided a standy works better for us.Was going to build it on a used popup frame but found a good deal on a 74 Shasta that was gutted so am rebuilding interior the way I want it.
    Looking forward to getting back on it after this hot weather cools off.


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      Are you thinking of skinning it in aluminum or fiberglass?


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        I would like to use aluminum...but due to cost will probably use fiberglass. After pricing out what it would cost to build a frame from scratch, I am looking at finding an old flatbed trailer or even an old camper and modify it to what I need.