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  • Help with choosing a trailer

    Greetings fellow campers,

    I am just starting out on this journey and designing my first teardrop for my wife and I. I have been watching tour videos and checking out build blogs, however, I feel lost in finding a trailer to use. We will be pulling it with a Subaru Outback so weight is super important. I feel like we need to use a 4 x 8 because I do not want it wider than the vehicle. We may want to build out over the wheels so that we can have a wider mattress. Based on our sizes that is important. I am also not sure how center of balance plays into making it taller. So, you can see what I am dealing with. Once I have the base trailer and some sound advice I will be well on my way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you. ~B~

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    Check out the TNTT.COM website . They have lifetimes of information .


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      It took me a min but I got it. It was (one more t). Thank you I will go do some reading.



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        If you're looking for a basic utility trailer that comes with some paperwork that will help you get it registered, Harbor Freight and Northern Tool have some options. The Northern Tool is a 5x8, and a bit heavier steel. Either one is suitable for a small camper. If going with either of those, there is a fairly simple modification to extend/strengthen the tongue. Otherwise they're a good start.

        A welding shop local to you may build you a custom trailer, but theres a lot more work involved with that, including the registration process.

        Another option would be an old pop-up frame. They're fairly common on craigslist or Facebook marketplace. And there are even some RV centers that resell stripped frames.