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How to pick a mattress

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  • How to pick a mattress

    I’m trying get my plans draw and I have a question my plans on 6 ft wide and I can’t find any thing work
    I appreciate any help
    thanks Tim

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    Take a look over at Mattress Insider
    2016 NuCamp T@G Max Teardrop
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      I completed a home built teardrop that was built around a queen size mattress. I had to replace a mattress on a electric medical bed and used a Lucid Gell memory foam mattress from and was quite impressed with its comfort. So I used a 6 inch mattress one on the teardrop and was happy with its comfort but when I built the trailer the bottom of the door cut out was 4 inches off the floor. What I did not take into account was the height of the door frame and compression of the mattress and the hard edge of the door frame was very uncomfortable to get in and out. Instead of doing the proper thing and lower the door , I added a 2 inch lucid gel topper that matched the mattress. The most interesting part is opening the packaging and fitting it as it expands knowing it will be a bear to modify. FYI alot of people use a electric carving knife to trim foam mattresses but a razor does fine.


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        We have used for all of our mattresses. Great USA customer service.
        Lux foam works well for us, same mattress on every bed. Keeps life simple