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    I have used gray butyl rubber tape when adding any fixture (Roof vent, roof rack brackets, side moulding for table mount, bolts piercing the sidewalls) to the roof or sidewalls of my teardrop. However- I find that I am constantly trimming the squeeze out- even years after the application. Is there a difference between the gray and the black butyl rubber tape?

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    There should be no difference between the two colors. I've got the same thing on the Scotty that I rebuilt. It oozes out when the weather warms up, and then I have to trim it off. After a year or so, once the oozing slows down, I've been told that its a good idea trim it off and then put down a bead of quality polyurethane sealant (I like TremPro 635) to help protect the butyl tape. The oozing itself will not hurt anything.


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      A trick I've seen from a boating website is to place a small washer between the 2 surfaces [eg wall surfaces being fixed together] ensuring the washer is completely covered by the butyl tape. The nut & bolt can be tightened to the correct torque & the washer prevents the butyl tape from being fully compressed allowing it to remain flexible & to do its job.