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    My trailer is 45 sq. ft. and about 110 cu.ft. Looking at doing 115 volt A/C. No window or roof mounts, I have checked Akoma, and Climate Rite. Any ides for a light weight, maybe 1,000 to 2,000 btu unit?

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    I think the ClimateRight 2500 is the smallest I've ever seen. Had not heard of Akoma before, but looks like that is 1400btu, so that may be your answer.


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      When we were looking for A/C I called climate right . The woman that I spoke to ask for dimensions , if ceiling was insulated , walls insulated & what it was skinned with . I was set on purchasing the 2500 btu unit she assured me that the 2500 unit would be over worked and not cool proper . I believed that the 5000 btu would turn our teardrop into a meat locker , to my surprise it works very well . I did make changes from the normal installions method . We did not want to cut 4" holes into the front of tear . I make plates that fit into the windows of the doors and had to increase the size of the flex duct due to the increased length of duct . This past august the weather was 93 outside & the interior was a cool 68 , yes we did get condensation on the flex duct on the outside but no big deal . Shop around & check prices on the climate right I found a outstanding deal on Ebay Brand new for less than 400.00 shipped


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        Just to clarify, I should have posted a picture. We have camped over 120 nights in the Viking. Overall size is 9 X 5. Insulated well. Most likely will go with the Climaterite 2500. Looking at ducting it through the floor. A couple of people in Australia have it that way. The trick is to use a 90° elbow under the trailer. Cold air is ok at the floor, return air through the cabinet and down. Will keep you posted. Keep the comments coming!


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          Just have to ask how do you feel that is insulated well isn't that a fabric material like on a pop up ?


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            We use a portable AC.