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Progressive Dynamics PD4135 Power Center

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  • Progressive Dynamics PD4135 Power Center

    The PD4135 is a great little unit for our small campers! I've used this in a few of my builds. When I first started using the PD4045 and the PD4135, the directions were not very clear so I came up with this diagram....

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    Progressive Dynamics is also the only one I have found that has great customer service. I was able to get them to join a conference with RELiON battery and Morningstar to help answer some questions and best fit options for a solar system for my 17' Casita. Recently set up a separate solar system for my house battery and another to run a 12 volt freezer and a 12 volt fridge and used a second Progressive Dynamics unit for the new system.


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      I've used WFCO units before, but they just don't seem to last. Which is ironic because if you go to an RV show, that's what most of the commercially built units use. All in the name of saving a few dollars.


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        The latest version of the PD4135 also has a switch for charging Lithium Ion batteries. I upgraded my Silver Shadow from a WFCO and changed battery to a LiFePO4 when the AGM failed. Half the weight and longer lasting.


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          I can't wait to upgrade my converter and batteries to lithium. Need to save a few dollars first.