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  • Little Guy Vent Wiring

    I have a Little Guy Double Wide. It currently doesn’t have any electrical system other than the running lights.

    I’m in the process of building an add on 12v/120v system, which includes adding a Maxxvent fan.

    I planned to route the wiring to the fan across the ceiling from the top of the cabinet, but when I took the current blower less fan off the roof, I realized that there are actually wires right where I need them to hook up the fan. Does anyone know where the other end of those wires might be, or have a suggestion where I should look for them?


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    John, I didn't see this when you posted, and I can't give you a definitive answer because I don't have a little guy, but if you could post some pictures of the wires I might be able to help. I know sometimes manufactures will rough in wiring, which can be inexpensive and will allow them to charge a bunch of money later for an 'upgrade'. The key will be figuring out where those wires run.


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      Thanks for the offer! I ended up running the wiring as I planned - it was really only a few inches across the ceiling from the front of the cabinet to the vent opening anyways, so a bit of wire molding fit nicely.

      I crawled around the frame, and looked into the area where the trailer light wiring headed, but couldn't find another end anywhere exposed. I'm sure the other end is somewhere, but I didn't want to hack things up to find it.



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        Ok, sounds good. Glad you were able to get it wired.