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DIY ammo can power source

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  • DIY ammo can power source

    Hey everyone! I wanted to post my solution for power in my home built camper. I originally built my camper to be powered by a portable solar generator like a Jackery or Goal Zero, but was having trouble bringing myself to pay the price for one. I decided to build my own using items from amazon.

    I used a 33 amp hour battery and a 50 caliber ammo can and wired up a solar charge controller. The battery can be charged 3 ways: 120 volt trickle charger/battery tender, solar panels, or by plugging it into my cigarette lighter plug in my truck while driving down the road.

    Here are some photos and links to a video of the build and list of items you will need if you decide to build your own. I only need power for my interior lights and fan, so 33 amp hours has been plenty for me.

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    Beasty little Teardrop! And an awesome power source.


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      Thats pretty cool! You've got some awesome info on your website.