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TearJerkers Founder recovering from Surgery

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  • TearJerkers Founder recovering from Surgery

    ​Just wanted to share some news with everyone. Todd underwent triple-bypass open heart surgery two weeks ago. He was lucky enough to be referred for the surgery before any serious 'event' occurred. He was in the hospital post-surgery for a few days, but has been home with his wife resting since last weekend. The surgery went well and he's on the road to a full recovery. He's in some pain but in good spirits.

    I talked to him yesterday on the phone for the first time since his surgery and before I could even say hello, in typical Todd fashion he says "Yeah, I know I still have a handful of mini-banners that need mailed". So yes, if you ordered a mini-banner in February, they are on their way, but obviously with a little bit of a delay. I told him to not worry about it right now, and that everyone will understand, but he's Todd.
    And if you know Todd, he hates to sit still, unless of course he's 'resting his eyes' in front of campfire.

    Click image for larger version

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    Anyway, keep him in your thoughts and I'm sure he'll be back to causing trouble in no time!

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    Thanks for letting us know!

    Get well soon FEARLESS leader!!!




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      Glad to hear that Todd is on the road to recovery!!!
      🍺 Asheville George 🍻


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        Keeping Todd in my thoughts! So glad he's doing well and things were caught BEFORE causing a problem.

        "It's not the years in your life but the life in your years"


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          Hope you recover quickly. Do the therapy and you will recover much quicker. Been there and done that , it ain't no fun.


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            Hurry and get back 100%, camping season is near!!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery Todd.


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              Thanks for keeping us in the loop Zach. Todd we hope for a speedy recovery and a return to a better than normal life. See ya around the campfire.


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                Have a quick and restful recovery Todd.


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                  I just now saw this posting (March 12). Thanks for letting us know, Zach. Hope you're feeling better & on the way to a full recovery, Todd!


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                    I heard from Todd on Wednesday and he said "I feel wonderful.". He's still recovering and doing tons of follow ups with Cardiologists and Surgeons etc. but by the sound of things he's moving along on the right track!
                    All the best,
                    GNW & New England Chapter Director


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                      Todd, I just heard about the bypass surgery. Man, I know exactly what you are going thru. Mine happened in 2011. Recovery and rehab will get you going again, just don't rush it!
                      . As tough and stubborn as you are it will take more than that to get you down. We are all thinking of you. Best wishes from the Hoosier Chapter


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                        And I still got my banner! Get well soon, looking forward to meeting you.


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                          I just read about this! Todd , get well take it easy and do what the doctors say . I had my quadruple bypass in ‘08 I know what you are going thru . Keep your mind busy even though you can’t physically do a lot right now. On my recovery I built 50 model airplanes to keep my spirits up . Then once I felt like it I went camping , a lot and enjoyed the beauty of the outdoors.
                          Paul in Wisconsin formally St Croix now Badger