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    Hey Y'all. Name is John. Live in Green Bay with my wife and our 2 teenage boys. Tent camped my whole life. Wife wanted a large pull behind. We settled on a teardrop camper and are awaiting delivery in April. Looking forward to all the new adventures we can have in our teardrop!

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    I'm along the lake near you.
    What kind/make teardrop did you get if you don't mind me asking?


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      I went with the Bushwhacker by Braxton Creek. I thought it was a perfect entry level teardrop with very few of the comforts of home. I do a lot of hiking, fishing, biking, swimming, so I really only plan on sleeping in it.


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        Welcome to the forum. We are from Waushara county and have a Retroride, which is made at Plover. The teardrop was a perfect solution for the two of us and it is so easy to set up camp. My wife was considering a pop-up, like our daughter has, but I like the simplicity of the teardrop. If someone gets a larger one, it can have a lot of flexibility. The small 4x8 models that have a very low roof can feel too small, but also are not adaptable for stowing clothing etc. Hope you really enjoy your purchase.